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Madness: Project Nexus is a game relised by The-Swain and Krinkels. It was released on 3/25/12 on Newgrounds and it's Current Version is V1.6


Mercy: Don't Kill any Traitors or Cowards in the first Mission (1-A) this is worth 5 Points.

Slaughter Rank: Greenhorn: Kill 50 Enemies in Arena Mode, this is worth 5 Points.

Nexus Victory [Easy]: Defeat Nexus HQ on the easy Difficulty, This Is Worth 10 points

Nexus Victory [Medium]: Defeat Nexus HQ on the Medium Difficulty, This is worth 10 points.

Slaughter Rank: Bloodied: Kill 200 Enemies in Arena Mode, this achevement is worth 10 Points

Slaughter Rank: Impaler: Kill 350 Enemies in Arena Mode, This achevement is worth 10 point

Savior's Sword: Find Jesus' sword in story mode, worth 25 points.

Nexus Victory [Hard]: Defeat Nexus HQ on Hard Difficulty, Worth 25 Points

Slaughter Rank: Warlord: Kill 600 enemies in Arena Mode, worth 25 points

Slaughter Rank: Psychopath

Slaughter Rank: Seas of Blood

Slaughter Rank: Impossible

Slaughter Rank: Greater than 9000

Do what comes Natural

Slaughter Ran: Genocider

Secret Medal: Can you hear me now?: Listen to the secret text in the first area (1-A).

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